Care of the Older Adult

As our bodies get older we are too often told that we need to put up with aches and pains, that they are just a natural part of aging. While it is true that our bodies develop wear and tear as we age, there are also valuable ways to keep us feeling mobile and strong as these changes occur. The osteopaths at Oak Tree Osteopathy can provide hands on treatment and advice to help manage your body as it ages.


Osteoarthritis or “wear and tear” arthritis

This type of arthritis is a common presentation in older adults. It can be the result of an old injury, genetic factors or very simply lots of use! While we can’t change the structure of the joint itself, osteopathic treatment will aim to reduce the tension in the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments and give the joints some much needed space to help improve the fluid movement and decrease compression. This can often be an immense relief and allow for freer movement with less pain.

Pre and post joint replacement management and rehabilitation

If this type of arthritis has progressed to an unmanageable state, your osteopath can support you with manual treatment and a tailored strength based program to prepare your joint for an upcoming replacement. Going into surgery with as much ease of movement as possible in the muscles and surrounding joints is a great place to start your rehabilitation. Following surgery the team at Oak Tree Osteopathy can liaise with your surgeon and GP to provide management followed by graduated hands on treatment to ease you back into strength and movement.



A variety of factors contribute to the risk of developing Osteoporosis. Age, weight, diet, hormonal, genetic considerations and loading all play a part. It is important that it is diagnosed using a DEXA bone density scan and then adequately managed. Your osteopath can still effectively treat any aches and pains that may arise using indirect techniques which aim to reduce load and strain on the joints. It is likely they will suggest some loading exercises to improve your bone strength combined with supplements and close contact with your GP. 


General well being and lifestyle modifications

The most important thing as we get older is that we keep moving! We need to move our bodies regularly and in a wide variety of ways so that our bodies know what we expect of them! It is a true saying that if you don’t use it you will lose it. More than ever our bodies need to be in top condition so that we avoid the pitfalls of sitting too much or avoiding exercise altogether. Osteopathic treatment can be your helping hand to keep you on the right track. Small tune-ups can make continued exercise a little easier, encouraging us to move more regularly. Your osteopath can sometimes give suggestions about a different way to do everyday activities that can make a big difference to being able to continue and enjoy these activities. 

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