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What has the pandemic done to our bodies???!!!

Updated: Nov 9

None of us could have imagined a world where we would be forced indoors for 23 hours a day and so greatly restricted in our movements! Before this pandemic hit we were an active and social society, moving about through our day unencumbered by restrictions! Besides any dedicated exercise we had committed to weekly, we would build up hours of incidental movement. Running errands would result in short bursts of activity as would commuting. In and out of the car, stand, walk, sit, twist, walk, sit, squat etc etc! Our everyday lives meant that we were constantly and functionally using our bodies regularly. And then….. COVID-19!!

Our lives abruptly became static and restricted. Ergonomically set up workplaces became dining tables with wooden chairs and co-workers became home-schooling kids! Our carefully planned exercise and gym routine was gone and our bodies have suffered!

We have done SO MUCH SITTING!!!!

These drastic changes in work environments have seen many people coming into the clinic to address strains arising from forced changes in the way they use their bodies. It has also pushed health practitioners and the fitness industry to redesign the way they deliver their knowledge so that it is accessible and available wherever we are or however far apart we're required to stay! Most of all, it has reinforced how crucial movement and exercise is to our patients and without it we have seen people suffering from more postural and repetitive strain conditions.

The weather is improving and the restrictions are being wound back. It is time to take back control of our exercise and movement regime. It is likely that we will be working from home for a while still, perhaps in a less than ideal ergonomic setting. While we can’t control that, we can certainly build the fitness and strength to combat it!

Some tips!!

Start slow - If you haven’t been doing your normal routine, don’t just start where you left off. It is important to build your strength and fitness slowly. Increasing by about 10% per week usually works well.

Address any niggles - If you have had any lingering pain, get it sorted before you ramp up your movement and exercise regime. Our osteopaths can make sure your body is ready to start or increase your exercise.

Move regularly - Our bodies love consistent movement. Do something every day, even if it’s short, to combat the build up of postural strain.

Consult the experts - We have some amazing fitness experts in Boroondara who work with all ages.. We are particularly thrilled there is also an important focus on the fitness and training of older adults. As our bodies get older they are often not accommodated for in a gym or studio environment. Older bodies need more direction and careful, staged exercise to safely build strength and avoid injury.

Alta Fitness is a beautiful boutique studio that offers small group and one on one personal training.

They have been such a positive influence throughout lockdown, actively engaging their clients with challenges and encouragement. It is fabulous to see their studio back open and know that they will be here to guide our community back to fitness! They have a warm and welcoming space which caters for all age groups. Their knowledge of older adults is particularly impressive! Contact Linda or JC to find out more https://altafitness.com.au/

If you need to continue to exercise from home however, Third Age Fitness is filling this space and providing guidance and many years of expertise to older adults.

There is a huge variety for any level of fitness on their platform and the cardio and strength options are perfect for those who want to build better heart and lung fitness. A monthly membership provides full access to all their quality half hour classes, with free trials also available to see if the classes are right for you. https://www.thirdagefitness.com.au/

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